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The THEMIS Framework

Designing, analyzing, and simulating decentralized monitoring algorithms

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The THEMIS Framework

This page is a placeholder page for the tool. While waiting for the page to be ready, you can access the main repository for documentation on the tool and its' source code.

The demo repository contains a tutorial on using THEMIS, and the code for the video below.


Related Papers

On the Monitoring of Decentralized Specifications: Semantics, Properties, Analysis, and Simulation

Antoine El-Hokayem, Yliè Falcone

ACM TOSEM 29(1): 1:1-1:57 (2020)

Monitoring decentralized specifications

Antoine El-Hokayem, Yliè Falcone

ISSTA 2017: 125-135


THEMIS: a tool for decentralized monitoring algorithms

Antoine El-Hokayem, Yliè Falcone

ISSTA 2017: 372-375

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